botanical wallpaper



When creating our new wallpaper brand, sustainability and creating a conscious product are incredibly important to us. Without even realising our interior design choices have a tremendous impact on the environment.

We are inspiring and creating beautiful products to enhance and to compliment the life-style of  the conscious consumers. We know we need to start changing our mind-sets away from the disposable, throw-away mentality to one of respect and the desirable pursuit of flexibility and longevity in our choices.  At Print Pattern Archive our timeless design and beautiful conscious products are carefully crafted to create backdrops to your life and beautiful interior landscapes that last forever.


Our ethos is to make a genuine difference and sustainable future across the Print Pattern Archive, our customers and employees.

Print Pattern Archive wallpaper is ethically sourced and locally manufactured to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our wallpapers are printed with environmentally friendly water based inks, to protect the environment and machinery. The machinery used to manufacture our Print Pattern Archive wallpapers are powered by renewable energy resources.

Our wallpapers are made from ethically harvested trees, following the certified forrest management practices of The Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC). 


For every roll of wallpaper brought by you a tree will be planted by 'Treesponsibility' Our way of saying thank you to you and giving back to the enviroment. 

Treesponsibility's aims are to educate people about the need for action on climate change, to involve local communities in tree-planting, and to improve the local environment and biodiversity for the benefit of local people and future generations. Treesponsibility offers skill-sharing workshops, passing on practical advice on obtaining, evaluating and designing planting sites, maximising involvement, raising resources and communicating the science of climate change.

Since its formation in 1998, Treesponsibility has planted an average of 5 hectares every year – that’s over 12 acres of new woodland per year.

Treesponsibility is also founding member, and a key delivery partner in The SOURCE partnership, which aims to take preventative action to help create a healthy, resilient and biodiverse landscape, for the benefit of all the people in Caldersale and beyond, both now, and in future years.

Our sustainable practices are always at the forefront of the Print Pattern Archive as we constantly seek to improve our environment.  We're a small company doing our best with eco practice but where we have to use man made fibres or less eco products we just keep planting trees!